5 Business Lessons told through Rap Lyrics🔥

Five Business Lessons through Rap Lyrics

Alright episode 3 I’m going with the topic: 5 Business lessons told through rap lyrics

I love rap- by far my favorite kind of music. I was thinking why its my favorite. One reason is that I like words and thinking fast. I’m known to be a fast talker and my brain goes fast so that one reason i think it appeals to me.

I love when beats drop, i like how it’s mostly all electric.

But mostly I think I just like how ridiculously


rappers are and get to be. They say the silliest shit ever in the most serious tone I love it. It’s all about how great they are, and i love that element if rap. Its okay to be confident in yourself! You have to live with yourself everyday say you might as well think you are the greatest!

Alright so these lyrics were hard to choose so here’s what I did. I listen to every single hip hop song ever recorded.. naa

Actually, I don’t listen to a lot of music on a regular basis.

I made a promise to myself year ago that I would always listen to business content or something educational when i was in the car. I consider listening to music a waste of time.

That’s why I started doing this. There’s no more information for me to absorb! I’ve absorbed it all and filtered it though my Sean Lowery brain!

That being said, I still like to stay up to date on the newest music & artists. I frequently check the YouTube trending music & force myself to listen

If I want to live to 150, can’t get stuck in my ways, I have to always be paying attention to whats new!

So really i just picked the 5 mini topics here and then thought of rap lines i know that relate to them. My friends who are hip hop experts make fun of my taste. I just love Kanye, Lil Wayne, Drake Nicki- more mainstream rappers. Most of these lines are from these guys

Lets dive in

The first lesson is what I consider a superpower that I have. The ability not to worry. Worrying is one of the most pointless things. If you can’t control it, don’t worry. If you can control it, do something. It’s that simple.

Here’s probably one of my favorite people of all time, the great kanye west:

  • “I’m living the future so the presence is my past My presence is a present kiss my ass” — Monster

Living in the future I love that. That’s where to live. Any bad feeling you have about something In the past are a waste of important creative energy!

That leads me into number 2- being able to criticize & mock yourself. I also think this is a superpower. Look at yourself from different angles and judge yourself as hard as you can. Then be comfortable with what you see and throw that judgment of yourself away!

  • Hey, admittin’ is the first step.” — Kanye West

I’ve been talking about the failures I went through in business last year and it honestly feels amazing to just be honest about yourself and laugh at yourself.

  • That last release CD was ehhh -Eminem

This is the most popular song from his new album at the time, and hes right away saying that his last album wasn’t that great! He owns it. He always come back

If you can rip on yourself, you’re indestructible. It’s like the ultimate defense mechanism. People also like when you show that you are accepting of your failures. The idea that ‘battle scars’ are attractive is this same concept.

  • “Didn’t wear a bulletproof / So I got shot and you can see the proof / Blind eyes could look at me and see the truth /Wonder if Stevie do?”- being honest about your errors & shortcomings

This is lil wayne he I didn’t wear bulletproof, so I got shot and you can see the proof, blind eyes could look at me and see the truth! Wear your failures as a badge of honor, especially if you are past them emotionally (which you should be immediately). BRAG ABOUT IT! It reminds your brain how resilient you are. Always be the first to criticize yourself, be the first to admit your own failures, and be honest & proud about them before anyone else even gets the chance!

Number 3, this is one ill most definitely do a full episode on. And i think its something important for entrepreneurs and its not talked about enough. It’s the importance of Focusing on one thing.

This is a complex concept, but it combines the importance of knowing your business model & being self aware enough to know when to make a change.

  • Pick a lane pick a Lane that’s all I’ve ever heard

Here drake is talking about how people are like are you a rapper, a singer, an actor? Hes versatile, and hes good enough to swerve back and forth between these things. But they are all on the same highway of entertainment. And hes still drake and his work builds off of eachother. He says hes trying not to hit the curb. If he left entertainment, that would be hitting the curb. So in a nutshell. Its okay to swerve, but if you’re going to build a company stay in the same industry. Don’t switch completely, build off of your knowledge and focus on ONE Industry.

Keep the same energy going forward as you adjust!

Number 4 is a persuasion tactic that i’ve seen used well so many times. One of my favorite people Scott Adams calls it “thinking past the sale” but its basically trying to get your business or brand associated with the best in the industry. Here’s eminem in his early days

  • It goes, Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie Andre from Outkast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me

Just by saying that people start to debate is he really #4, #5, #1?? Thats the conversation you want people having. Before he wasn’t in the top tier of rappers. After that line, he put himself in the debate. The conversation went from no mention, to well, is he #2 or #5? Boom thats making people “think past the sale”

The slogan for my best brand United Monograms is the “#1 online shop for monograms.” So far nobody has called us out of that. I’m waiting for somebody to debate it and say that our competitor marley lilly is #1. Thats exactly what I want the market to think about & debate. Are we #1 or #2. I was just on a podcast called the ‘late night sessions’ where a comparison between me and Gary Vaynerchk was made, thats not a bad thing. Its the best persuasion tactic for branding that can give you a huge leap in people’s mind when you associate with the best. That what eminemem did

The last one, number 5 is loving your fans. This goes for any business, letting your customers know that you appreciate them. It sounds simple but it can be easy to forget, especially with a business like mine where we have technically over 100,00 customers who have placed order the past few years. Jay- Z gets it here

  • You can be anywhere in the world, but you here with me, and I appreciate that.

Its a simple thing but showing appreciation simply is a staple in business. We have

“thank you customer” Notes in all of our order sheets, & tracking emails. We comment on every single instagram post we are tagged in tell the customer how great they look. I’m also proud of this one- we have a system set every week to send out a free gift, unexpected to a customer who has placed over 10 orders! They are always so happy & appreciative to get this surprise. Grab their attention out of the blue.Then they are likely to spend more money with you!

Alright but those are 5 business lessons told through rap lyrics. The lessons are

  1. The Superpower of not worrying and looking forward
  2. Being able to criticize yourself before anyone else
  3. Focusing on one industry as an entrepreneur
  4. Putting your brand name right next to the best out there
  5. Appreciation your customers!

Hope you enjoyed it!