How to use Social Media & Personal Branding to Succeed in Real Estate

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Mike Sherrard is a Real Estate Agent who started with nothing but hustle to have huge success with real estate, social media, & personal branding. He quit his high paying, fortune 500 job to become a top real estate producer in the industry, and eventually became a top 30 Realtor on social media in the world! We have a great conversation about how he got started by knocking on door after door to build up his network. We discuss the “science” behind Focusing on ONE THING in business. If focusing on one thing is so important, why do so many successful entrepreneurs have many business ventures? We break it down in detail! Mike shares his valuable knowledge about his “Lighthouse Strategy,” his passion & tactics for social media growth, giving away information for FREE for over a year, and lots more! This is a great episode for every #Entrepreneur, to learn #PersonalBranding, but especially those interested in #RealEstate

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