“Today I Learned That Not Everyone Has An Internal Monologue & It’s Ruined My Day” with Ryan Langdon

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The Sean Lowery Show – Episode 30 with Ryan Langdon! So happy to have this viral sensation, Ryan Langdon, on the podcast! Ryan is a Physician Assistant Student and former boxer at Syracuse University who ACCIDENTALLY blew the minds of 10 million people with his blog post “Today I Learned That Not Everyone Has An Internal Monologue And It Has Ruined My Day.” The blog was discussed on multiple news sites, and shared on social media millions of times.

We discuss #InternalMonologue, Going Viral, #Aphantasia, and why this topic blew his mind! Ryan gets all the credit for bringing this topic to the mainstream. So many people have commented that they feel amazing knowing that other people have the same unique internal monologue as they do. The most important takeaways is that people don’t talk about their thoughts enough! More people should talk about their inner monologue and if it’s studied more it can help with ADD, ADHD, #MentalHealth & More!

Terminology: Hyponeurovocalism – Having Little or No internal dialogue Hypernuerovocalism – Having a Strong Internal dialogue Aphantasia – A condition where one does not possess a functioning mind’s eye and cannot voluntarily visualize imagery

See the Blog Post: https://insidemymind.me/2020/01/28/today-i-learned-that-not-everyone-has-an-internal-monologue-and-it-has-ruined-my-day/

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