David Meltzer Is Going To Inspire A Billion People

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The Sean Lowery Show – Ep65 – David Meltzer Is Going To Inspire A Billion people David Meltzer, a famous rich sports agent, to bankruptcy, to now at peace. David has learned that giving to others, kindness, and gratitude has brought him more emotional, spiritual, and financial wealth than ever before. David’s life goal is to inspire a billion people. Previously, David’s career as a sports agent is the inspiration behind the movie #JerryMaguire with Tom Cruise with cult-like catchphrases like “Show me the Money” and “You had me at Hello”. David is now a father, husband, and business journeyman that wears many hats and taught me many lessons. I love #DavidMeltzer. He’s going all-in on life and not afraid to lose. Pain (emotional or financial) is not a stop sign but a turn signal

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