Ep 100 Dr. Brian May

The Sean Lowery Show – Episode 100 – Dr. Brian May

I made it to 100 episodes!! When I started this with a crappy microphone in an extra bedroom at my house almost 2 years ago, I PROMISED myself I was doing this for 100 episodes. I made it. Thanks to every single person who watched for even 1 minute 🙂

Brian May (BMay) is a college friend and now podcaster under THE new media company we created: ALLOW Media (www.Allow.Media)

Brian’s podcast is called Doc May Diet
it’s on all platforms in the links below

This is my 100th episode which is a major milestone. I set out to do 100 episodes 100 weeks ago. I’ve interviewed a number of great entrepreneurs, personalities, comedians, scientists, and experts. Today I interviewed a friend and now business partner. Brian will be your new go-to for all things health and wellness. He is a chiropractor and is in excellent shape! The dude is jacked!

Here are the topics we discussed

It’s a two-part podcast where I interview Brian in the first half
and he interviews me in the second half! Get to know us cause we’re not stopping now!

00:00 Intro
00:43 Doc May Diet
3:54 Health and Business
9:17 Everyone wants to be healthy?
13:59 Being overweight?
17:05 You can abuse anything
18:14 Brain Strength
20:57 Stress
23:30 Mind is bigger than Diet
27:26 Supercomputer
31:17 Optimism is Blinded?
33:26 Helping people??
38:09 Bill Gates
42:12 Self Preservation
46:11 Love the country
50:29 Apple’s Greatest Inventions
53:11 Super Selfish?
57:54 Social Games
01:01:33 Gambling
01:55:55 Armadillo
01:08:05 Product based business
01:10:15 Twitter
01:12:15 Shelby
01:25:53 United Monograms
01:26:53 Backup Plan?
01:31:04 Fame, Money, Personal Relationships?
01:33:26 Opposite?
01:37:44 Make Friends
01:37:57 Caring about Employees
01:34:50 Bravado: EgoManiacs
01:47:49 Big Warehouse
01:52:18 Being Remembered
01:56:00 Elon Musk
01:59:00 Legacy
02:04:07 Dad
02:04:41 Lowery
02:05:47 Anti-Influenced
02:07:44 Hand pick

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