Ep 101- 5 Mindset Tips before Starting a Business

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The Sean Lowery Show – Ep 101 – 5 Mindset Tips before Starting a Business 5 Mindset Tips before starting a business You don’t have to start a business to be successful or happy! Most people will never do it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However if you’re inclined, this decision making period in your life will be some of the most fun you can ever have. You’re in the right place just by listening to this!

1. Your Business is more Important than You. You’re asking for something with a 1% chance of success, act accordingly. You need to put the business a level higher on your personal hierarchy of needs than where you put your own comfort. You’re asking for something special. You need to act like you will die if you don’t make this start working, FAST! You will be broke, you will have to make sacrifices. Again, the business is more important than you. You will have No money. You will run into problems right away. You’re going to be bad at it. It’s going to be draining. This is all the short term expenses, the costs, of asking for something above average in your life. Your business

2. Identify your inner lies, and then call them out. Most of the times when you hear someone say they don’t have the time or money for something, it just means it’s not a priority for them, and I mean for anything. Like if you ask a friend to go on spring break to Cancun with you, and they say they don’t have the time or money- It means they aren’t able to make it a priority. They may want to go but can’t get the hours of work, that’s what I mean. If they knew the world was ending in 6 month they would go! Of course keeping their job is a higher priority. A big lie people tell themselves when being close to the honeymoon stage*, is that they are definitely going to start a business, just waiting for the right time. Clear those cobwebs out of your brain!

3. Make personal responsibility your initial INSTINCT in all situations.. To have your own business you have to take an unreal amount of responsibility. If the website is down, your fault, the road is closed.. your fault, can’t get somewhere because you’re snowed in… Still, your fault! You have to be THIS extreme when it comes to responsibility. Nobody is going to appreciate it.

4. You go to work everyday. You’re always in work mode. When you don’t have a boss, nobody is checking on you, there’s no time clock to punch into. You can sleep an extra hour, nobody will know or care. You need to hold yourself accountable. You need to have a routine, get dressed and be at a certain work spot every single day, including weekends. Hopefully, running the business is so invigorating that this shift will be easy.

5. Be a Try Hard. It’s cool to try hard. If you Imagine back in school the stereotype where people would ‘make fun of nerds’ for trying too hard and getting straight A’s. The thought that “partying is cooler than studying, stop trying so hard.” Any type of that silly mindset like that needs to be eliminated from your brain… It’s cool to try hard. It’s what the mark cubans, garyvees, and even elon musk’s of the world illuminate. Hustle, enjoy the grind, business is a sport played 24 hours a day & 7 days a week… Be the sweaty kid in gym class who went all out, preach hard work, go after it all the time. Try Hard, become comfortable in the skin of a person who is making moves in this world. Develop these 5 mindset tips early in your entrepreneurial honeymoon stage! *Honeymoon Stage: The time in your life when you start to develop these mindset, and make them part of yourself. Noticing their power feels so freeing and incredible- this euphoria is the honeymoon stage.

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