Ep 89 Ed Stulak

The Sean Lowery Show – Ep 89 – Ed Stulak

This is the 2nd appearance from Ed Stulak on the Sean Lowery Show
Check his Instagram out and follow: https://www.instagram.com/edstulak
Ed is a New Jersey Licensed Realtor & Social Media shark who has developed his digital platform niche by sharing the stage with names like Ryan Serhant, James Harris, Ricky Carruth, Brad Lea, and several other industry leaders.

Along with selling real estate in New Jersey, today Ed teaches National and International Real Estate Agents how to scale a personal brand & an online presence that matters.

1:18 New Building
2:08 Slingshot Effect
2:30 Clubhouse is Not Good!
4:07 Invite Only
4:22 Everyone is a Speaker?
11:18 Clubhouse will Die
13:42 LinkedIn
14:45 Smarter Than You Are
17:07 Tik Tok
19:22 Pokemon Go Effect
21:42 Personal Website
21:54 Personal Brand
30:58 Real Estate
35:24 The Virus
39:25 Writing a Book
40:34 Buying a House
40:53 Learning about NFTs
41:00 Focus on one thing
42:14 Tinder
45:00 Don’t Compare
53:29 Round 3?

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