Ep 90 Nicholas Bayerle

The Sean Lowery Show – Ep 90 – Nicholas Bayerle

Nicholas Bayerle is the CEO of Billion Dollar Body and Creator of the Billion Dollar Brotherhood. He’s the host of the BDB podcast, an international speaker, and author of the Modern Day Businessman.

This is a great podcast with tidbits and soundbites as Nicholas is an amazing coach, speaker, and storyteller. We both run businesses with our wives, we talk mentorship, and how you can have success without sacrifice. Nicholas dives into his story, losing 60lbs, and changing his perception of his reality. If one negative event can change your life so can a positive one.

00:00 90 seconds rapid fire
03:50 The Modern Day Business Man
31:25 Mentorship
45:46 How can a mentor help me
47:28 Practice with the Pros to get ahead
55:15 Working with our WIves
01:19:42 You can’t outsource certain things

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