Ep 99 Dave Rubin

The Sean Lowery Show – Ep 99 – Dave Rubin

David Joshua Rubin is an American political commentator, YouTube personality, and talk show host. He is the creator and host of The Rubin Report, a political talk show on YouTube and the network BlazeTV

Dave’s background as a stand up comedian, degree in political science,and willingness to listen without fighting has uniquely positioned him to tackle big ideas and uncomfortable truths with thought leaders from both sides of the aisle. His show The Rubin Report aims to create civil discourse with people we both agree and disagree with,
and host a dialogue with others whose ideas are judged before being given the chance to be presented in an honest way.

Dave is currently taping season 5 of his talk show, speaking around the world with Dr.Jordan Peterson on the “12 Rules for Life Tour,” and performing stand up comedy in cities around the U.S.

00:00 Intro
01:23 Being a Real Person
06:27 Taking the Red Pill
10:22 Left love to emote
12:48 Capital Riots
15:47 Antifa and BLM
17:27 Finding Purpose
18:14 X-Men:Final Stand
22:19 Media Hates Trump
24:42 Fighting the media
25:00 We treared Bush poorly
31:54 AOC
32:34 Respect the Organzing
32:54 Alien Movie reference
34:10 Staying In LA
42:30 Cops and Racism
42:56 Tina Turner story
51:21 Favorite moment in History
52:33 Thomas Jefferson
52:50 Favorite President
56:04 Ronald Reagan

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