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The Sean Lowery Show – Ep 67 – Real Business Owners, Serial Entrepreneurs, NO FAKE STUFF

Following their Instagram @realbusinessowners https://www.instagram.com/realbusines… Their business [Easier Accounting] for 60-day credit repair https://easieraccounting.com/

#RealbusinessOwners, Investors, podcasters, accountants, and real no BS businessmen. Trevor and Kale have been in the accounting business for a while…trough the ups and the downs and fine-tuning their processes they have a lot of knowledge to share. Their audience demanded more content and they have to respond with a podcast. I find myself watching their clips all the way through. They give real-life advice for entrepreneurs and they have the credibility to back it up. In the podcast, episode 67, we talk about all the fake stuff out their…life coaches at 22 who haven’t experienced life yet and podcasters who give business advice with no business. Trevor, Kale, and I hope to give you genuine content in this podcast.

One of the biggest topics we discuss is mentorship. Should I get a mentor? Their business doubled since having a mentor. Accountability and life advice is worth more than books, podcasting, and youtube they tell me. I guess I’ll have to find a mentor. But where?

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