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The Sean Lowery Show – Ep 69 – Election Day Special – Jolah Politics and the Future of America

Jolah is a 20 year old college student and independent political commentator. You can find Jolah Politics on his Youtube


Jolah supports universal healthcare, basic income, green energy, and whatever else can make the world better.

This is Joey Olah’s 2nd time on the podcast. I thought we didn’t go in-depth or debated enough last go around. I’m concerned about the issues of race, capitalism, and why I just find Trump appealing. I want Jolah’s take to my opinions and we got into some serious topics but we always work our way into a solution.

Overall, Jolah is very civil…a super-smart 20-year-old and who has a lot knowledge and concern for the politics of America. He has stats to back up his claims. Recently he even released a political rap song over a dope beat to get his message out there. I have so much respect for him and it takes balls to put that out there.

In this podcast we cover everything so take a listen and comment below your thoughts and rebuttals…but most of all VOTE

Listen to this podcast while you’re in line. Let me know if this podcast changed your mind!

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