The Sean Lowery Show – Episode 110 – Andrew Stafford | Celebrity Boxing Trainer.

Welcome Back to Episode 110 of the Sean Lowery Show. In this episode, we are joined by Celebrity Boxing Trainer, Andrew Stafford. Andrew has trained names like Bryce Hall, Taylor Holder, Noah Beck, Travis Scott, etc. He explained to us that big things are coming soon in the celebrity boxing realm, so be sure to give him a follow to stay up to date!

We also discuss topics such as how he met Dixie D’Amelio and the TikTok Influencers, Social Gloves, the art of marketing in boxing, Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley, the Boxing Mindset, advice, and self-discipline. We hope you like this episode and drop a comment on who you think will win this weekend’s in the Matchup between Paul and Woodley!

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0:00-0:46 Introduction
0:46-2:02 Background Story
2:02-6:02 TikTok Influencers
6:47-13:33 Social Gloves
13:33-17:54 The Marketing Art of Boxing
17:54-26:09 Paul vs. Woodley
26:09-27:49 Another Battle of the Platforms?
27:49-30:59 Boxing Mindset
30:59-35:45 Advice and Self-Discipline
35:45-39:09 Relationships are Key
39:09-41:41 What’s Next?
41:41-44:04 Conclusion

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