1st Generation American, Police Officer, & Entrepreneur

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The Sean Lowery Show – Episode 64 – 1st Generation American, Police Officer, and Entrepreneur Peter Krause Peter Krause works for Patrick Bet-David, head of Valuetainment, and Matt Sapaula at PHP agency. Peter is a 1st generation American-Samoan, a proud family man, and a former police officer in California. At a young age, Peter chose the adventurous lifestyle as an officer, working the night shift, looking to help others in need, and arrest the bad guys. We talk about the fun, dangers, and corruption that go on in policing and why he left. Peter is also a family man of 5 and he shares his teachings about being a dad and the importance of family in his culture. There are talks of capitalism, Patrick Bet-David, and his favorite basketball squad, LA Lakers. Most importantly I reveal my bulletproof plot synopsis of Space Jam 2 with Lebron James.

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