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1 Year of Podcasting in the Books! It’s basically been exactly one year since I started my podcast. I knew, and I know how hard it is to get a successful podcast off the ground. So I made a commitment to myself. No matter what happens, I’m not allowing myself to reevaluate or make any excuses until I get to 100 episodes in 100 weeks. I’m proud of my first 50 episodes! I haven’t blown up but on youtube the podcast has basically exactly 50,000 views in 50 episodes so that’s not terrible. I am proud of every single one of the views! I plan on making something out of this, and i’m 50 episodes in right in the thick of it.

The lesson from that is committing to something and setting a date it can be powerful. I’ve wanted to quit at times, and some weeks Im less excited or inspired than other weeks. But its LITERALLY not an option. And that’s powerful. My last episode, episode 50 I had on Patrick Bet David who is one of the kings of entrepreneurship. He’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars from building his insurance company AND his youtube channel Valuetainment. Ive been listening to him for years, and it was unreal to talk to him in person, such a cool experience.

So it was a great way to cap off my 50th episode & I’m glad Ive committed to doing 100 episodes. Thats the lesson, Commit to something. Set a deadline, fight through obstacles and negative feelings, and love yourself no matter what. Alright so thats the only lesson here in this episode because today I’m going drink & grow rich style, going off the cuff, and doing a recap of my first 50 episodes….Award show style!

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