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The Sean Lowery Show – Ep 68 – Matt Sapaula – Money Smart Millionaire Marine

Matt Sapaula is a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran turned entrepreneur in the insurance industry. He’s known as the ‘Money Smart Guy’ and host of the 7 Figure Squad Channel on YouTube. He is the Chief Distribution Officer of PHP Agency and is mentored by Patrick Bet-David, the host and founder of Valuetainment.

This podcast was recorded right before Election Day 2020. Matt Sapaula is good as it gets in being a proud American, successful entrepreneur, veteran, and mentor for others inspiring to be a 1st generation cash flow millionaire.

Matt Sapaula is a former Marine veteran, now entrepreneur, and Co-Owner of PHP agency. He is mentored by the great Patrick Bet David, who is the founder, CEO of PHP, and Valuetainment. Matt Sapaula teaches how to vote, think, and strategize like a millionaire. The only way to be apart of the 7 Figure Squad is to take home 7 figures. I’m close! I put a lot of money back into my business but SOON I’ll be in the squad.

In this podcast, episode 68, Matt tell about his 3 hours conversation, smoking cigars with MICHAEL JORDAN. We talk about Capitalism- The essential system for all Americans to thrive and where anyone can become a success no matter where you start. People need something to work towards and be proud of the money you earn for your work. Matt uses these principles in his family structure to not spoil his kids, but to teach them the give and take lessons of society.

We both agree Patrick Bet David is the man. Matt explains their secret trip to Jekyll Island with PBD where the Federal Reserve was created and how Rich people are good guys too. I personally can’t look down on anyone more successful than me. I can disagree but I can’t hate successful people. I learn from them.

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