The 70s – Episode 70

The Sean Lowery Show – Ep 70 – New Series with David Hecker & Brandon Coley

It’s the 70s baby!

I’m introducing a new and consistent format with my best friend David Hecker and podcast producer, Brandon. For this format, we will discuss 5 topics with an additional segment at the end,
Brandon’s Big Bites. Brandon will bring topics or questions we aren’t planned for and completely random.

0:00 Intro
2:37 What’s your take on the Election?
18:27 Should kids go to college and join fraternities?
30:55 Door to door together- what did you learn from that?
39:46 Oregon Drugs are Decriminalized
52:49 If you could bet on one sport as a stock
01:04:25 Alien Invasion
01:08:59 Your Perfect Girl

David and I were fraternity brothers, my best man, and door to door salesmen. We had many deep conversations we should’ve recorded over the years. Now with the 70s, I’m bringing him on to showcase our wide array of knowledge and opinions on the world.

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