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Paul Getter known as the “The Internet Marketing Nerd” is an author, speaker, and of course, & internet marketer. He has worked with some of the top Entrepreneurs online like Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone , Les Brown and many more. Some people call him “The guy behind the guys” and he’s CEO of one of the most sought after marketing agencies in the world. Just like Sean has his Pencil in his ear, Paul rocks the Bowtie as his signature “Nerd” look!

Visit Paul’s Website: https://www.paulgetter.com/

• Instagram “Loops:” 11:39

• Breaking Down the Ad Platforms: 30:55 Paul’s Breakdown: 60% Facebook/Instagram, 30% Youtube/Google, 10% Other (Linkedin, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter)

• The Simplicity of Writing & Publishing a Book: 45:40

• Psychology of Pandemic & Future of E-Commerce: 56: 28

Paul has been growing personal brands and having fun optimizing millions upon billions of dollars in ad spend for known influencers and companies. In this podcast, Paul and I disgust the CLAP method to grow your Instagram, the platforms to use your ad money, and how to be an “Edutainer” ( education + entertainer). Lastly we discuss Paul’s book the 27 online side hustles that you can get a free copy of today.

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