The Power of The Brain

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The Sean Lowery Show – Episode 45

The Power of the Brain with Neuropsychologist Daria Tsvenger

Mindset is truly more powerful than medicine and that has always fascinated me! I believe not enough people are aware of how powerful your mindset truly is. Daria Tsvenger is a Forbes-featured mindset expert who went to Stanford. Her work has helped hundreds of people tap into the power of the brain to gain clarity and turn their dreams into reality. Daria shared her expertise on TV shows such as “Good Morning LA-LA-LAND”, “Simulation” and the major publications like “Vogue”, “ThriveGlobal” and “Forbes”. She is also a mentor at a top world accelerator “500 Startups”, where she helps entrepreneurs manage stress, increase confidence, and supercharge productivity. More than 30,000 passionate leaders are following Daria’s work. She’s the founder of a self-discovery program “The Dream Sprint” Check it out on www.TheDreamSprint.com

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