Tik Tok Entrepreneur & 7 Figure Sales by 21

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Phillip Pages is a 21 year old Entrepreneur with over 120K followers on Tik Tok. Follow His Account: https://www.tiktok.com/@philippages He’s a bright young guy! We discuss skipping college, tik tok, the future of e-commerce, Influencer Marekting, Advertising, doing difficult things, and so much more!

Philip Pages is as smart as they come for a 21-year-old entrepreneur. Philip made the smart move to skip college and start multiple businesses. He now has a Tiktok with millions of views where he shares his business journey. Philip impressed me with his mindset and business experience at such a young age. His first Tik Tok is not only a physical achievement but a psychological milestone…committing to a backflip. Commit to listening to this podcast to find out more.

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