Youtube Automation with Caleb Boxx

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What is Youtube Automation?

Is it outsourcing all production to create niche youtube channels that generate organic views and make actual money?

Find out in the podcast.

It’s a crazy successful business model. You can’t find many 20-year-olds like Caleb Boxx…an entrepreneur that spent his last $200 to make it happen. From a fast-food worker to dropping out of high school, to 6 figure passive income. Driven by not wanting to go back to school, he successfully learned how to become a full-time Youtuber. Caleb learned personally from big-name Youtubers like Mr. Beast and started editing videos for others for free. While learning and impressing on the rise Youtubers he stumbled upon a business model called Youtube Automation. Now he produces and manages over 30 youtube channels hands-off. Learn more in the podcast.

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